Sneaker Logic


In the case of sneakers for fitness, how much does the appearance of the shoe matter to you? Does comfort and performance outweigh the looks? There are so many crazy fun styles of sneakers on the market these days.  You can even design your own.

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How to Use BodyRock.TV


What is BodyRocking and why do I talk about it so much? Because it is a life changer! In a recent visit to my hometown I shocked my family with my new appearance. They wanted to know what I’ve been doing to get so fit and how in the world did I find the time […]

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How Hard Could It Be? Losing 10 lbs.


My entire life I have always been small, petite by most people’s standards. The years have been pretty kind to me but my exclusive diet of cheeseburgers and wine, putting on 40 pounds of baby weight and my maturing metabolism started catching up with me. During my last physical I had to come to terms […]

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Cori (@LadyBowTie) has shared a Tweet with you: “LadyBowTie: Skechers Could Pay As Much As $75 Million for False Claims About Its Toning Shoes: The… a href=”””/a –a ref=”″ p Running, walking, chasing your kids, lunges, stair climbing, squats, leg lifts…are the only things that will “Help tone and shape your buns and thighs.”

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Toe Shoes: Would You Wear Them?

Very interesting concept and they are getting a lot of press in the fitness circles.  Supposidly they feel great for running and hiking.  I am going to look into these more and get back to you.

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At Home Exercise Can Be Just as Effective

By contributing writer vsb Do you wish you had the time and money for gym membership?   If you don’t, have no fear, it’s NOT a necessity.  What IS necessary is the motivation!  Use your own home and forget the extras.  Start with these simple stretches to elongate the muscles in your mid-section (your core).  Concentrate […]

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Just say NO to STS (stupid toning shoes)!

“The American Council on Exercise (ACE) decided to investigate the fitness claims, including increased calorie burn and increased work in leg muscles, used to sell toning shoes. In two small studies, ACE researchers found that when compared to New Balance running shoes, “none of the toning shoes showed statistically significant increases in either exercise response […]

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