Jamberry in the House


I recently received some Jamberry nail wrap samples and I’m so excited to try them out.  I have the new Pantone color of the year in matte Marsala and a few mini wraps for my girls.  I’ve tried Sally Hansen in the past but Jamberry are a little bit different in the way of application […]

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Pins of the week.  Follow LadyBowTie on Pinterest at @LadyBowTie (Now, there used to be this great link feature on Pinterest which would generate code to link these photos right back to their source and that is not available now….anyone have a clue?)

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An Attempt: DIY Hair Inspiration Boards

2013-09-11 11.37.11

Do you know those 5 step photo collectives that show you how apply a certain eye make-up or create a neat hair braid that everyone is doing?  Well I love them!  I don’t have time to sit and watch YouTube tutorials on anything but I do have 3 seconds to scan a cluster of pics to […]

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Have you Plopped Yet?


Or have you Plunked? Frankly I prefer the name Plunking rather than Plopping but hey I didn’t come up with the name.  Anyways..the name refers to a hair styling technique for (mostly) curly haired girls in which you ”plop” all of your hair on top of your head and wrap it in a towel or t-shirt to dry and the results […]

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Favorite pins of the week:   Source: Uploaded by user via Limor on Pinterest Source: xaxor.com via STYLEMUSTHAVES on Pinterest Source: polyvore.com via Polyvore on Pinterest Source: bridalmusings.com via .。Michelle on Pinterest

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On the Cheap: DIY Teeth Whitening

baking soda

Lately I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of posts about inexpensive DIY teeth whitening.  Its always a homemade concoction of toothpaste, baking soda, lemon and some other random ingredients.  I decided to give the simplest one I’ve seen a try.  Only one ingredient: baking soda.  For a little over a month, 2-3 times per week, after […]

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The Evolution of the Beauty Parlor


The beauty parlor was once a place were a gal could get a good wash-n-set and catch up on the latest town gossip.  Now a days, the beauty parlor is a haven for just about everything.  The beauty parlor or salon, if you will, sure has changed over the last 10 years.  Not only can you […]

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Holiday Beauty Wish Come True


This holiday I received the most amazing and unexpected beauty treats.  Marvel at their greatness my fellow beauty addicts. 1) Sistina Due Lipcolor Perfetta in Rosetta  – Which is a dual sided lipstick.  The greatest invention ever created was two-sided lipsticks because you get two colors and none of the bulk in your bag. 2) […]

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Holiday Make-up Glitz


I’ve been trolling Pinterest (follow me on Pinterest @ladybowtie) like a mad woman and there are so many great holiday make-up ideas I thought I’d share my favs:   Source: goinggoinggonzo.tumblr.com via Alexa on Pinterest Source: pshiiit.com via Danielle on Pinterest Source: humfashion.com via Leslie on Pinterest Source: obagi.post.my via LadyBowTie on Pinterest Source: eyemakeupphotos.com […]

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Wishing for: Lacquer Rouge by Shiseido


So wishing I had this! Lacquer Rouge in Drama by Shiseido  Shiseido makes some of the best lipsticks. This baby will make your lips look like a glossy coat of wet paint on your pucker. So much drama (as the name suggests) and so gorgeous!  Watch the video ad clip below to see what I mean. Photos: Shiseido

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