In All Her Glory: Fashion Editorial Showcase


Its finally here!  The fashion photo project I’ve been working on and styling for  There is nothing more rewarding that completing a wonderful project with others who share your same vision, passion and respect for the project and the message. Thank you everyone! Photo Fashion Editorial Showcases Remarkable Local Women Posted  in Allentown, Bethlehem, Fashion, Interests, […]

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Re-Post: Miss Representation

miss representation

A couple of days ago LadyBowTie celebrated her 1st birthday.  In celebration, I wanted to re-post a bunch of my favorites from this last year for my new readers to enjoy and so you could reminisce with me.~Cori “American women spend more money on the pursuit of beauty than on their own education.”~Miss Representation Miss […]

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Birthday Re-post: What’s In Your Bag?

Photo: Cori/LadyBowTie

A couple of days ago LadyBowTie celebrated her 1st birthday.  In celebration, I wanted to re-post a bunch of my favorites from this last year for my new readers to enjoy and so you could reminisce with me.~Cori What’s In Your Bag? A couple years ago when the “green” movement hit the world…again, I gave up my plastic […]

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Do You Buy Motivation?

Final Logo w Transparency

This is my interpretation of a great quote I read somewhere: A new pair of Nikes will not make you go to the gym. A Kitchen Aid stand mixer will not put healthier food of the table. A Kindle will not make you read more books. A bottle of Chanel nail polish will not get you that […]

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How to Use BodyRock.TV


What is BodyRocking and why do I talk about it so much? Because it is a life changer! In a recent visit to my hometown I shocked my family with my new appearance. They wanted to know what I’ve been doing to get so fit and how in the world did I find the time […]

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XOJane: How to Move Beyond Beauty


Jane Pratt the former editor-in-chief of Sassy and Jane magazine now owns and operates a FANTASTIC online magazine called XOJane .  XOJane is filled with amazingly candid and hilarious and brutally honest articles on everything from to addiction to beauty to cautionary tales of artificial insemination.  Pretty broad and wonderful spectrum of character writers she […]

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Article Series: Beauty Within the Eye of the Media


In addition to my shopping healthfully articles I will be bringing to you more regularly, I also want to share some pieces that I’ve written or discovered in my travels on positive self esteem, debates on the effect media has on our self image and all around feel good articles that are designed help us […]

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How Hard Could It Be? Losing 10 lbs.


My entire life I have always been small, petite by most people’s standards. The years have been pretty kind to me but my exclusive diet of cheeseburgers and wine, putting on 40 pounds of baby weight and my maturing metabolism started catching up with me. During my last physical I had to come to terms […]

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Inspiring Writers: Nicolette Mason of Big Girl Skinny World


I love to report on plus size fashion and articles that cover it.  The only sad thing is, there aren’t enough of them. I empower woman of all sizes to wear and dress stylish to the best of what makes them feel the best.  So I’m proud to share with you blogger Nicolette Mason and the columnist of […]

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Have a Dream? Get Inspired. Write It Down.


Do you have a dream?  The first thing you should do is get yourself a  journal or a notebook.  It doesn’t have to be expensive. I prefer a hard covered journal with a closure to keep all my loose inspirations tucked in.  It doesn’t really matter, any old thing will do.  Read about and research […]

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