The Baby Made Me Do It


Happy New Year and I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season.  I sure did but I’m sure glad its over.  As most of you know I’m pregnant and now into my 8th month and something happened over the holidays that I didn’t expect. Complete brain malfunction and shutdown.  My brain completely stopped working. […]

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What is this? Find out Here


I’m proud to announce that the LadyBowTie team is getting just a little bit bigger next year!  I am expecting my second child coming February 2014.  Expect a bunch of new post on how to not go insane (who am I kidding I’m totally going to GO insane!) working full time, having an already active […]

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Next up…DIY Onesies


Because I’ve received so many great comments and reposts and repins I thought I’d share another DIY Onesies I’ve made for a girlfriend who is due any minute and a friend is due in November.  Its a regular baby boom over here.  

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Oh Baby


Off topic - Made a couple of onesies for a dear friend who recently had twins.  Do you think I should start an Etsy store with these sweetie pies? What am I nuts? Dont answer that. I’ve got zero time for an Etsy store on top of everything else. They are cute though.

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Have you heard? Diane von Furstenberg has teamed up with Gap Kids to create a collection inspired by her incredible prints and wrap dresses. Officially, I do not agree with super high priced luxury goods for kids that all these designers seem to be jumping on the banwagon for.  However, I have no problem with designers collaborating with budget and better brands to […]

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Photo: Cori/LadyBowTie

This is a repeat, its just too cute to not share again.

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Preview: Harajuku Mini


Picture and slide show courtesy of LilSugar  Pretty excited about Gwen Stefani for Target, Harajuku Mini, being launched on November 13th. So many designers are doing baby and children’s lines and they are outrageously priced.  Fortunately Gwen and Target teamed up to bring us this adorable, affordable and different (I get tired sometimes of the […]

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Preggers: Where to Shop?

Meet Jill everyone!  Her baby is due next week. Luck Jill!

There has been a few requests to do a post on maternity clothes.  Where to shop, what’s affordable, what my philosophy is on buying maternity clothes,etc? I have to preface this with two things: first, my daughter was born in July so I was at my biggest in the hot summer and second, for my […]

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Pregnancy: PPCM Awareness


By contributing writer Leah Tomecek July 9, 2009 my son Elijah was born.  July 9, 2009, while giving birth to my son, I was in congestive heart failure.  A bittersweet day for me- a brand new mommy.  This past July 9th as we celebrated Eli’s 2nd birthday we also celebrated my survival of a rare […]

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Plum’s Netflix For Baby Clothes Means Baby’s Always Got New Goods Why buy when you can rent? It works for homes, cars, even DVDs, why shouldn’t it work for your lil one’s clothes? Parents are warned that lil ones grow like weeds, but few heed that warning in the early days. They often invest in […]

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